Israel Nash’s New Album “Topaz” Explores Lush Sonic Territory

Listen to the full interview here: Israel Nash

Israel Nash is a singer songwriter living in Dripping Springs TX. His new album was produced by Adrian Quesada of the Black Pumas, and recorded at Israel’s home in Texas. The album has an ethereal and mystical sound that draws you in. His lyrics are thoughtful, and arranged in a way that draws out the somber tones of the music.

One of the standout songs on the album for me is “Canyonheart.” The acoustic guitar driven track develops a somber and introspective tone. The harmonica and steel guitar meld with his voice giving a sense of space to the song. His voice in this song is reminiscent of Neil Young. As he sings the lines “My heart is a canyon, the flesh and floods drown you out. You will hear it when you shout.” You can hear the emotion in the song.

Another song that stood out for me is “Dividing Lines.” The song reflects on the state of our country, our broken politics, and where we are as a nation in this moment. I appreciate that he doesn’t dive into taking sides, but rather reflects on the issue at hand. The issue being that a house divided cannot stand. The instrumentation in the song is unique. On top of the tight rhythm section is a steel guitar, horns, and gorgeous background vocals. The vocalists remind me of “Time” by Pink Floyd on “Dark Side of the Moon.”

This album sounds incredible, and takes you to a place of honest introspection. It’s well worth your time to check out.