Ariel Posen’s Sophomore Release “Headway” mixes Blues/Soul with Pop sensibilities.

Listen to the full interview here: Ariel Posen

Ariel Posen is a is singer-songwriter, and all around incredible guitar player. He’s been a sought after touring musician, as well as a “hired gun” studio musician for years. His most recent album is called “Headway” and it came out in March of this year. The album highlights not only his songwriting skills, but also his incredible guitar work. His voice is soulful, and blends well with the bluesy rhythm section of his band. And his slide guitar playing is phenomenal. He has a cool and unique guitar tone.

The first song we talked about was the album opener “Heart by Heart.” It has a clever turn of phrase in the chorus. He sings “You don’t have to show me who you are, until I know your heart by heart.” It’s a catchy tune to has a nice hook that’s a real ear-worm. The song also features his soloing skills with a nice slide section.

The song “Nobody Else” is more of a somber tune, exploring the emotions of relationships. It’s interesting to me that the song at a first glance seems to be about a romantic relationship. But it can equally be applied to various other struggles in people’s relationships. Again his slide guitar sits on top of rest of band, and blends in a beautiful way.

I’m digging this album. Well crafted tunes. Incredible guitar work. Totally worth a listen.