Listen to the full interview here: Ariel Posen

Ariel Posen is a is singer-songwriter, and all around incredible guitar player. He’s been a sought after touring musician, as well as a “hired gun” studio musician for years. His most recent album is called “Headway” and it came out in March of this year. The album highlights not only his songwriting skills, but also his incredible guitar work. His voice is soulful, and blends well with the bluesy rhythm section of his band. And his slide guitar playing is phenomenal. He has a cool and unique guitar tone.

The first song…

Over the last three years since I started my radio show and podcast I have received a lot of questions about the name of the show. I thought I’d write up a piece as an explanation in case you’re interested.

Roots and Radicals

The first thing I want to explain are the words “roots and radicals.” The primary reason I chose this was because of the song by that name from the band Rancid. I’ve always been a big fan of the band and that song. Also the album it came off “…and Out Come The Wolves.” The song is…

Listen to the full interview here: Israel Nash

Israel Nash is a singer songwriter living in Dripping Springs TX. His new album was produced by Adrian Quesada of the Black Pumas, and recorded at Israel’s home in Texas. The album has an ethereal and mystical sound that draws you in. His lyrics are thoughtful, and arranged in a way that draws out the somber tones of the music.

One of the standout songs on the album for me is “Canyonheart.” The acoustic guitar driven track develops a somber and introspective tone. The harmonica and steel guitar meld with his voice…

The Infamous Stringdusters are a GRAMMY Award winning American bluegrass band who just released their ninth studio album. During our conversation we talked about the state of current events in the world and the influence music can have on how people engage with their political surroundings. The band has made an intentional decision to publish music that has a positive influence on the world. I spoke with Andy Hall about their most recent release and the band in general. Enjoy!

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I started off asking Andy about their sound as a band. He told me, “Our influences couldn’t be more varied. We have a traditional sort of bluegrass instrumentation, banjo fiddle, dobro upright bass and guitar, but most of us didn’t grow up listening to or playing bluegrass.

Most of us grew up listening to all manner of different things. I grew up listening to heavy metal and rock ’n’ roll and was a guitar player first.

I went to see the Grateful Dead, and Phish and it’s the same with some of the others.“The…

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This year marks the 36th anniversary of the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko Nevada. The Gathering has become a tradition for poets, musicians, artisans, and performers familiar with Cowboy and Western culture. The focus of this year’s festival was “Black Cowboys” and it featured a number of working cowboys and performers of African-American ancestry. The keynote speaker at the event was Dom Flemons, and throughout the weekend he shared the history, music, and contributions of African-Americans who settled the West and helped shape Cowboy and Western Culture. Figures like Bass Reeves who became the…

Brian Wright and the Sneakups

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Cafe Rooster Records formed in September of 2016 and for the last four years they have been putting out music as an indie record label in Nashville, Tennessee. The label started as a way to cut out the “middleman” of the record industry and give opportunities to artists who may be overlooked by more established record companies.

Sally Jaye and Brian Wright, husband and wife, have been running the label and forming a small but inspiring community in East Nashville. What started off as a way to self-publish their own music has grown into an interesting artistic community that brings…

Roots, Rednecks and Radicals

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